What is Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Tibetan Singing Bowl is quite popular for its unique healing properties. If you don’t know what a Tibetan Singing Bowl is, you are missing out on so much. So let me tell you some things about the Tibetan Singing Bowl. 

The Tibetan Singing bowl is a musical instrument. Yes, it is a bowl that creates extremely relaxing music. Tibetan singing bowls have been passed down from the ancient Tibetan culture that uses the singing bowl as a bell. Like a bell, there is a mallet that makes a beautiful and relaxing sound. 

What is a Tibetan singing bowl made up of exactly?

Well, it is made from a mixture of different alloys that resonate with the sound when hit with a mallet. The sound it makes is considered to be great for a number of reasons. The sound is considered extremely relaxing and satisfying to most people. 

With the relaxing sound from the bowl having a unique calming effect on people, the singing bowl has been used for various therapies. Music therapy and sound therapy are the fields, where the bowl has gained a significant reputation.  

Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls have proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. Being a musical instrument it is used for producing soothing music. However, other than being just a musical instrument, the Tibetan Singing bowl has many other uses as well. Some of the major uses and the benefits of the Tibetan singing bowl are listed below:

Music therapy

One of the best uses of the Tibetan singing bowl is music therapy. Many people turn to music for relaxation and therapy. With the low-frequency vibrations from the singing bowl, the body feels relaxed. 

Music therapy is proven to be very beneficial for people suffering from stress and restlessness. It is recommended by health professionals for people with mental issues. So the Tibetan singing bowl has proven to be beneficial in these ways.


Another major beneficial field for the Tibetan singing bowl is the field of meditation. Singing bowls are known to be used for meditation in many ways. The vibrations and the sound from the singing bowl are considered to be extremely relaxing to people. 

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So they are used to make people feel more relaxed so they can enter the state of meditation. It is known to help people clear their minds from negative things which is extremely beneficial for meditation.

Spiritual Healing

Apart from meditation and relaxation for mental issues, Tibetan singing bowls are also known for being beneficial for spiritual or chakra healing. Scientists believe that it has a great placebo effect on people who have used it. It also helps to control blood pressure and diabetes. Believe it or not, the Tibetan singing bowls deserve every bit of their popularity. 

How to Use the Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Now that you know some of the benefits of the Tibetan singing bowl, you must want one for yourself. If you are confused about how to use one, don’t worry. We are here to tell you all about the ways to use the singing bowl as well. 

There are two major ways of using a Tibetan singing bowl. One can either play it by themselves and enjoy the experience and the control over the sound it makes. Or you can have someone else play it while you indulge yourself in the sound and meditate. 

For meditations, it is better for someone else to play it so you can clear your mind and meditate. However, if you are someone who loves to do these things by themselves, we have got you covered. 

There are two major techniques of playing the Tibetan singing bowl. You can either play it by using the striking method or you can go all-in and try the rimming method. The striking method is the easier one of the two. It is basically like ringing a bigger bell. The bowl actually plays the role of a bell in the striking method. 

For the striking method, you will hold the singing bowl on the palm of your non-dominant hand and strike the rims of the bowl with the mallet. The leather mallet creates a resonating vibrant sound as soon as it touches the bowl. This is called the striking method of playing the singing bowl.

As for the rimming method of playing the singing bowl, you use the same mallet but in a different way. This method is also known as the around the rim method because you rub the mallet around the rims of the bowl.  Holding the bowl in the same position as before, you will gently strike the bowl first. 

As the sound is produced, you will immediately circle the mallet around the rims of the bowl. This will create a muffled hum that resonates throughout the bowl. The low-frequency vibrations from this method are very satisfying and relaxing. This method can also be tried with water in the bowl. 

The water singing bowl sounds are a little different from the empty bowl sounds. However, the visuals for the water singing bowl are just as satisfying if not more. You must be careful not to wet the mallet or the rims of the bowl for the water singing bowl sounds. The mallet must be dry for the sound to form. With a little bit of practice, you can master these techniques. You must also make sure you circle the rim of the bowl immediately after the strike and the loud sound. 

If you cannot find the right timing the sound produced is not as great. So it is all about learning the right timing for the rimming and the striking to form a beautiful and relaxing sound. Now that you have learned about the Tibetan singing bowl, we hope you can incorporate this traditional musical instrument into your daily life for your betterment. 

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